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I have seen many Nixie clocks, and taken inspiration from other people's ideas and designs. It is interesting and also useful to see what other people come up with, to help you make your own clocks, and see how others use Nixie tubes and other display devices - Panaplex - Crt - VFD, it doesn't just have to be Neon. It is very much within the hobbyist realm and this page is for sharing and swapping notes! There are some exceptionally creative folks out there and should rightly have their creations on display!

Please mail in any pictures to If you want them to appear in this Gallery.

Amazing Decatron powered clock submitted by Mike, You can see this one running here

Tiny little clock, submitted by Pete

Amazing remake Hellboy's well known Lantern clock - submitted by Thomas Melzer- Germany

Steampunk Travel alarm clock, contains a motor driven music box mechanism to wake you up! - Another great piece from Thomas Melzer - Germany

Very pleased to have this Amazing Steampunk clock, using the E1T display tubes. This was made by Peter Sztojanov from Steampunk Alchemy Link Here It was seeing Pete's work that inspired myself to make my Steampunk clocks.

Another View of Peter's E1T clock running, the tubes work like miniature CRT displays and indicate the number with a blue line by the required digit. A beautifully executed clock done to Peter's exacting standards.

Novel design using an angled sheet and strategically shaped cut outs.. very nice work! - Andy UK

SARA a full on wood and brass creation with no expense spared on the build.. More Excellent work from Roddy Scott

Ingenious Clock, all discrete circuitry not an IC in sight! - Submitted by Pete

Random Word clock based on the large alphanumeric Nixies - Thanks to Pete for this one.

Amazing Steampunk clock from Thomas Melzer in Germany You can see this one running here

Bit of everything: Panaplex display, Dekatron and also some IN-9 bargraph tubes - submitted by WestDave

Lovely 2 Tube Steampunk design, using the RZ568M tubes from Dalibor, built into a Russian Decade box - Zach D USA

2 tube clock electronics courtesty of Cristian over at Monjibox - great combination - Zach D USA

An epic build, and some amazing effects on the wood using very high voltage! The Tesla Meets Edison Clock from Roddy Scott - Ireland

I've been fortunate enough to see this clock in person, and it is absoultley stunning - pictures do not do it justice!

Old Bakelite radio Initially to be turned into a clock however once restored decided best left as is - Submitted by Robert - AZ

Robert then ended up putting the clock in its own box to suit the tubes.

A RAF Radio clock, complete with a 6v6 Valve set inside for MW reception - Submitted by Jonathan - Northern Ireland

Another from Jonathan, great minds think alike - exactly the same casing as my 'Grace' Clock

Absoloutely Stunning Steampunk Telephone and clock - fully working telephone - Submitted by Jannie - UK

Another picture of Jannie's superb telephone clock project, just wonderful!!

The Gorgeous Ripple clock, hand carved from a chunk of oak - Submitted by Jonathan English - UK

Uses the Spectrum kit and some lovely R566M tubes. Great artistic work from Jonathan, hope to show more here!

A great little 4 tube Nemo clock, not sure if IN-12 or IN-17 tubes. - Submitted by Jonathan - Northern Ireland

Another from Jonathan, a great reuse of an old Amstrad Amplifier!

Very Steampunk indeed and beautifully put together, gorgeous little clock - Submitted by Balazs Balog (Hungary)

Should you want Balazs to make you one, email him here Great placement of gears and I like the little bezels around the tubes..

I Love this one, tiny little CRT clock - superb piece of work. Submitted by Pete, and schematic available if required.

Alphanumeric VFD tube clock, another excellent bit of work from Pete.

I have it on good authority, this is what the business end of a Spectrum Analyser looks like!

Converted into a great looking clock, with 2 Dekatrons - one either end. Really nice job! - Jonathan UK

Amazing Oak cased IN-1 clock, very fiddly build - Submitted by Roddy (Ireland)

In the dark, the underside of the clock is all illuminated, another brilliant design from Roddy

A man after my own heart :) a wonderful Steampunk clock, called the Mentalpiece and rightly so! - Submitted by Andy (UK)

Another mental clock from Andy - this is part of the cockpit from a Russian MIG, now turned into a great Nixie Wall clock!

A very nice brass and wood steampunk styled clock - Submitted by Jonathan - Northern Ireland

A very nicely made 3 digit thermometer from Marcel in Switzerland

Tiny little IN-17 clock - Submitted by Pete

And the insides all profesionally made - Submitted by Pete

Very Steampunk indeed! 'The Information Station' Displays Time / Temp / Humidity and Glows! - Submitted by Chris (Texas)

Unusual Nixie clock made from a sheet of Fused Glass - More info here Submitted by Jan (Netherlands)

A great Steampunk clock! glowing coils, valves and lots of copper piping, would not look out of place on the main clocks page! - Submitted by Andy (UK)

A very nice little Avo-Meter Conversion, lovely to see someone tackle this as a first piece, hope to see many more :) - Submitted by Steve (UK)

Yes! a full on Nixie clock that does the Westminster chimes - Submitted by Jannie (UK)

Entitled the 'Chime Factory' another brilliant clock from Jannie.

This is the incredible 'Hands of Time' clock, lots of fiddly wiring for sure! - Submitted by Roddy (Ireland)

The rear View of the Hands of Time clock, a lot of time and efforf gone into the creation of this masterpiece.

This is the first Nixie / VFD hybrid clock that i have seen, cleverly fitted into an old mantle clock - Submitted by Will ( Maine USA )

The Nixie VDF lit up at night, really good contrast of colours between the 2 display technologies

Very Neat Steampunk wall mounted clock - submitted by Marcel (Switzerland)

A Nixie Alarm clock that uses a Telephone ringer to wake you up! - Luke (France)

Very nicely made clock using the ZM1000 Nixie tubes - Submitted by Damir (Slovenia)

Available to buy on Etsy here - Damir (Slovenia)

Amazing Avo Multimeter clock - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

Full on Steampunk, the Voltmeter clock! another gem from - Marcel (Switzerland)

Scrap clock, using bits and pieces from the scrap box for decorations. The hours and minutes on this clock are Burroughs nixies, but the seconds are Beckman SP 352, Panaplex type - Submitted by Jannie (UK)

Jannie called it the 'Scrap Clock' I wouldn't call it that, it is stunning! - Submitted by Jannie (UK)

Tiny 4 digit clock built into an old meter - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

Looks like it used to be an old Radio? - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

A Behemoth of a Steampunk Clock, Great big Edison light bulbs - all ajustable and in the middle an IN-12 Nixie clock - Submitted by Roddy (Ireland)

A closer shot of all the copper piping and coils. The suspended clock receives its power via the coils left and right. - Submitted by Roddy (Ireland)

Tiny 2 Digit IN-14 clock - Submitted by Steve (UK)

Large tube clock in Solid wooden Housing - Submitted by Steve (UK)

Amazingly made Micrometer clock called "Measure of Time" you can see a youtube clip of it running here - Submitted by Jan (UK)

It is fitted with an Real Time Clock chip as well, so is very accurate, and battery backed –up - Submitted by Jan (UK)

IN-12 clock fitted into old clock housing - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

IN-14 clock squeezed into a tiny meter housing - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

Remote controlled Scoreboard counter - Submitted by Zac (Mesa AZ.)

Full Build details here - Submitted by Zac (Mesa AZ.)

Picture framed clock - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

Lovely tubes used in this clock - Submitted by Simon (Australia). You can see a lot more of Simon's excellent work on Flikr here or on his own site here

Nixie Monster - 81 tubes in a fully featured Sudoku machine - Submitted by Cristian at Monjibox (Romania)

Further details here - Submitted by Monjibox (Romania)

This is a Truly incredible clock, made exactly the way it would have been made in the 1950's

All tube, zero solid state, Dekatron and Nixie tubes made from components available in 1959.

The Level of detail and workmanship is stunning, this is the internal chassis. Metalwork all as you would expect from the period.

All the Neon (and Argon) glowing during operation.Link to Full Website with Schematics / Pictures and Details - Submitted by Hank (USA)

Micro-mini Oscilloscope clock using the Soviet 6Loi1 crt, this is the smallest that can still display the analog face - Submitted By Howard (USA)

Another pretty CRT clock with a Blue screen. Link to Full Website where you can purchase your own - Submitted by Howard (USA)

16 digit alphanumeric tube from Cherry, taken from a 1989 Williams pinball machine. Unit still in development. - Submitted by John (UK)

IN18 clock. 2" hand made cube, sprayed pewter, includes the clock and mains power supply. No wall wart necessary. Battery for scale only. - Submitted by John (UK)

2 digit clock. Hand made acrylic case. Colour band slowly fades between red and yellow - Submitted by John (UK)

Another picture of this clock, My personal Favourite! (Paul) - Submitted by John (UK)

Salvaged Piece of Flight Test Equipment - Submitted by Bill (FL USA)

Uses 5441 tubes and a perfect fit - Submitted by Bill (FL USA)

Floor standing single XN12 tube clock - Submitted by John (UK)

Pinball clock using circa 1980 neon Cherry displays from pinball machine. - Submitted by John (UK)

Frankenstein Clock - Half mechanical and Half Nixie. See it running here - Submitted by Luke (France)

The Nixies are driven by decade counters, fed from a pulse off a contact on the balance wheel. - Submitted by Luke (France)

Hivac XN12 tubes in hand-made case - Submitted by John (UK)

Hivac XN11 tubes. Infinity clock. Half silvered front glass. Mirror behind tubes. - Submitted by John (UK)

TTL logic driven Nixie clock - Submitted by Luke (France)

Circuitry for the TTL clock 4060 dividers used for the timebase. - Submitted by Luke (France)

Slim pair of single tube clocks. Mains driven, no wall wart. - Submitted by John (UK)

Lighthouse clock - Submitted by Simon (Australia)

6 digit Steampunk clock 'Nixie Ark' - IN-14 tubes based on PV electronics qtc kit - Submitted by Liong (London)

Another excellent CRT Clock, using a Soviet 3L01i a 1" CRT - Submitted by Howard (USA)

5 digit Clock in an old counter - The first digit on the right counts from 0-9 instead of 10s of seconds 0-5 so it changes every six seconds instead of every ten - Submitted by Luke (France)

6 digit IN-12 clock in non traditional layout. - Submitted by Luke (France)

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