Welcome to the Starting Points Page here are various items that I have aquired or got in stock that you can ask me to make into clocks or other objects for you. I will add to this page frequently as I'm always getting interesting objects into the workshop. I haven't the resources to turn all these items into clocks, so it is best if you pick though, or ask me to find something 'similar' to any of these examples.

Old bits of Test Equipment / Wooden Boxes

Some of these pictures show a ideas where you could place tubes - ie just sitting on top, but it helps see how a finished piece might go together

Picture 1 - Available

Giant 1950's Calendar Bridge. Suit 6 of Dalibor's tubes on top for a huge clock!

Picture 2 - SOLD

Never seen one of these before, will make a great dual time clock or a Double Gordon!

Picture 3 - SOLD

Very nice original resistance box, ideal for a large Excalibur type clock

Picture 4 - SOLD

The same old megger instrument that I made the Gemini Clock out of!

Picture 5 - Available

Nice little 1920's Meter, would make a Deco style Gordon clock.

Picture 6 - Available

Or a more regular wood and brass Gordon clock can be made out of this meter.

Picture 7 - Available

If you fancy a Captain Nemo clock, then this walnut and oak casket type box would be perfect

Picture 8 - Available

Not quite sure what this is to be honest, needs Nixie tubes out of the top though!

Picture 9 - Available

Original old Valve radio. Had in mind to convert to Bluetooth and fit a clock in there.

Picture 10 - Available

Very nice large Wheatstone bridge. Similar instrument used to create the Neon Reactor clock

Picture 11 - Available

Pretty little Oak box, either tubes out the top as pictured or could be front mounting.

Picture 12 - Available

Old wind up Megger, shown with tubes out of the top, or could have them fitted where the 4 control knobs are located.

Picture 13 - Available

Old Miniature Oscilloscope - would be cut down to size.

Picture 14 - Available

Would make a great Magnox Clock and also be able to fit a Dekatron in the middle of the Hours and Minute tubes

Picture 15 - Available

Big old Frequency counter - Would again be cut to size to make wall mountable and can accommodate 6 tubes with ease.

Picture 16 - Available

Very attractive Rosewood box, inlaid with Abalone. I can see 4 tubes out the top to make a gorgeous one off clock

Picture 17 - Available

Large Hammered brass box

Picture 18 - Available

Small little bakelite meter, suit a little Gordon type clock for your desk or office.

Picture 19 - Available

Destined to become a 'Gordon' clock - may even have room for a Dekatron or two!

Picture 20 - Available

Very technical looking thing, lots of knobs and levers, and potential for top or front mounted tubes

Picture 21 - Available

Nice wooden cased Voltmeter - Either tubes in the Dial or poking out of the top.

Picture 22 - Available

Great looking Art Deco styled resistance box. Ideal to have 6 tubes out of the top and mounted on a wooden plinth.

Picture 23 - Available

Waveform Corrector Box, again would make a very nice clock.

Picture 24 - Available

Would make a Giant Excalibur clock, room for lots of LED's and some amazing brass there already!

Picture 25 - Available

1950's styled metal Decade resistance box - ideal for a Magnox 1 type clock.

Picture 26 - Available

Suitable for a Steampunk contraption type clock.

Picture 27 - Available

I believe this was used by the Military for detecting Mines, ideally suited to a clock - even has the Nixies already in there!

Picture 28 - Available

found this beauty. Done a lot of small Galvanometer clocks - this is a Huge one that will accommodate 6 digits HH:MM:SS and some!

Picture 29 - Available

1940's Cambridge Decade box - exact copy of the box I made into Magnox II.

Picture 30 - Available

Big chunky piece of equipment. Best wall mounted with a 4 digit display cut into the Dial plate.

Picture 31 - SOLD

Large Ammeter instrument, would make another Faraday type clock.

Picture 32 - Available

Very big, I was thinking 4 front facing tubes. Hours on the top row and Minutes on the bottom.

Picture 33 - Available

All very scientific and Steampunk looking. Wouldn't take much to turn this into a really neat clock!

Picture 34 - SOLD

Beautiful medium sized Rosewood box - make a DR Who type clock or a Pandora

Picture 35 - Available

Very hard to find, but this would make another 'Captain Nemo' clock. Already have the top plinths made for the tube pods.

Picture 36 - Available

Another smaller clock housing, will just manage to squeeze 4 tubes in the place where the dial is. Nice detailed box

Picture 37 - Available

Scientific looking Peg Decade box - Brass Bakelite and Wood. Just asking for 4 tubes to come out of the top and have Chasing Leds fitted

Picture 38 - Available

Slightly more modern meter. Still wooden cased, would look good with Radio valves across the top and tubes in the dial.

Picture 39 - Available

Make a very neat little Gordon clock, ideal for a desk or office

Picture 40 - Available

Evil scientist workshop type clock. Old Venner frequency counter that will accommodate 4 tubes and some flashing lights

Picture 41 - Available

Make an interesting small clock, just take 4 tubes in the top quite nicely.

Picture 42 - Available

Very large and complicated looking, suit 6 of the large IN-18 / ZM1040 tubes on the top, and a lot of pipework!

Picture 43 - Available

Extremely retro for Musical folk, an original 4 channel Grundig Microphone mixer, tubes can go where the knobs are or out the top

Picture 44 - SOLD

Another original 1920's clocking in machine, destined to become the Time Machine MK II

Picture 45 - Available

Make an interesting small clock - not sure what it is, but has a lovely lucite casing.

Picture 46 - Available

Another Large and complex looking scientific instrument, lots of scope with this one.

Picture 47 - Available

This is a Cambridge Portable Potentiometer, or you may now also know it as a Neon Reactor Mk II

Picture 48 - Available

Ideal Watt meter to make a nice Watson clock out of, wooden case and bakelite front.

Picture 49 - Available

Potential for a dual time clock, one display in the Dial and the other in the panel above. All Bakelite and 1940's

Picture 50 - Available

Very interesting looking instrument, 6 tubes out of the top and Dekatrons all over the place!

Picture 51 - Available

This will make a very nice Art Deco style Watson type clock, oak casing and Aluminium front panel.

Picture 52 - Available

Ready to go to make a little miniature Excalibur clock with the sequenced LED's

Picture 53 - Available

Here's another candiate for a Gordon clock, a little more worn and older than some of the others.

Picture 54 - Available

Ok, I can't get every photo in perfect focus.. this would make a very nice Marconi type clock.

Picture 55 - Available

Another Giant piece of standards equipment, might look good with picture 56 bolted on top!

Picture 56 - Available

This is a wind up resistor, not a clock as such, but would look the part attached to something and then motorized!

Picture 57 - SOLD

These make really nice Excalibur clocks with the sequencing LED's and the large Nixie tubes.

Picture 58 - Available

Perfect starting point for a steampunk type contraption, calling out for some brass piping and glowing coils.

Picture 59 - Available

4 front facing Nixies, will make a nice little desk clock in a plain and simple box.

Picture 60 - Available

Very old 1910 - 1920, would make something similar to the Harley clock.

Picture 61 - Available

Not entirely 100% sure what I would do with this one, might just get a Turing clock out of it perhaps?

Picture 62 - Available

Had one of these in before and made the 'Resistance' clock, great little desk clock with 6 Nixies out of the top.

Picture 63 - Available

A Candidate for a Neon reactor type clock or perhaps another Marconi?

Picture 64 - Available

This will make another Watson or Faraday type clock, lovely oak casing and a whole lot of Bakelite