Welcome to the Pricing Page All my work is made to order. Sometimes I will have clocks available for general sale, but the majority of my work is commissioned. There is no fixed cost, it depends entirely on what I am making for you and how complex / detailed you wish the design to be. As you can see from the website, I have made many beautiful clocks and there are lots and lots of happy owners. Everything is unique and hand made, there are no moulds / tooling - your clock is a one off and I make them with a great deal of care and passion as I hope you can see from the finished clocks.

I will try and break down the range of clocks, i.e. Gordon's / Magnoxes etc and give examples and a price range. All clocks can be personalised and have a uniquely designed set of artwork for the engraving, the cost of specific artwork varies from £25 for a name change, up to £100+ for a completely new design on a totally bespoke clock. Please get in touch and I'm happy to discuss your requirements.

Small 4 tube Steampunk Clocks - Araminta / Genus etc

  • Ambrose clock

  • Galvanometer clock

  • Araminta clock

  • Genus clock

These clocks are in the range of £229 up to £430 and all feature the same base design of 4 tubes and a pretty box. The amount of detail / engraving depends on cost and what original Item I make the clock from.

Medium 4 or 6 tube Steampunk Clocks - Bespoke with Dekatron - Pandora / Clara etc

  • Pandora clock

  • Clara clock

  • Decem Neo

  • Tempus Roto

These clocks are in the range of £450 up to £850 All completely bespoke and have been made specifically to customer requirements. Usually have an added Dekatron in addition to the Nixie clock.

Gordon Style Steampunk Clocks

  • Gordon MK I

  • Gordon MK II

  • Gordon MK III

  • Gordon MK IV

These clocks are in the range of £450 up to £850 Gordon I is the base design with 4 tubes in the Dial, whereas Gordon II and III have 6 tubes on the top and a Dekatron in the Dial. Godfrey's have Clockwork movements, and all have the glowing Verdurite coils. Both Gordon and Godfrey's are made from original vintage test meters.

Magnox / Chronox Nuclear Themed Clocks

  • Magnox MK I

  • Magnox MK II

  • Magnox MK III

  • Chronox Clock

These clocks are in the range of £550 up to £750 The Magnox clocks are all built from period resistance boxes and have to have a menacing flashing red light and the 1950's styling. They are very distinctive and have 4 front facing tubes with white back lighting. The Chronox clocks are larger and have the IN-18 tubes on the top

Other Unique Clocks

  • Frequency Counters

  • The Neon Reactor

  • Grace Clock

  • Resistance Clock

These clocks are in the range of £220 up to £1000+ It is difficult for me to list every clock I've made, but these are less Steampunk than the others! Still based on original bits of equipment. Again the complexity varies with the chosen design so these are a few examples of what I can make - there are many examples on the site.

Large Steampunk Clocks - Gemini in Tempore / Captain Nemo etc

  • ~ Gemini In Tempore ~

  • ~ Demolition ~

  • ~ Captain Nemo ~

  • ~ DAB Clock Radio ~

These clocks are in the range of £700 up to £3,500+ Anything goes, these are large impressive clocks. They can use the Large Nixie tubes, have superb detailing. They are very personal and make a statement. Each one is an individual piece of art that will not be repeated. Not just limited to clocks, I can incorporate Radios / Bluetooth / Ipod Docks to compliment the design.

Bad Dog Designs

All the clocks are made from re-cycled or re-used items for a real 'period' look. Mainly old test equipment or unwanted scientific equipment. A lot of care and thought goes into the creation of each piece, to get the look just right. A build can take anything from 4 weeks for a simple 4 tube clock, up to several months for a more complex and grand design. I value your input during the design and build stage, it is not an ' order and forget ' process, you are actively involved throughout.

Demoliton in Progress

Genus Being made

Clock Radio in progress

Godfrey before converting into a clock